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Whether you were charged with rolling a stop sign, or 35 mph over the speed limit, we have a class for you!

Defensive Driving and Driving and Crash Avoidance Techniques Course 1-A (Basic Course)

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The basic class, taught by active or retired Law Enforcement Officer, is intended to provide the student with a wealth of information on many different subjects. The primary focus of this class is to show the student examples of other drivers who are demonstrating dangerous driving habits.

Some of the subjects covered in the class are:

  • Basic Knowledge of traffic laws
  • Information on vehicle safety features and how they work
  • Safety techniques
  • Tips and advice on how to handle stressful driving situations
  • Civil liability and Insurance Fraud

In this one-day class we make use of short video clips to illustrate different laws and dangerous driving situations. Our instructors are specially trained to communicate with a younger generation in a non-judgmental manner. There is also a healthy dose of humor injected at just the right moments to break up the seriousness of the moment. This format has been very successful for us, and quite frankly is what sets us apart from other driving schools. Many students that have taken our class told us afterward that our teaching style and course content was far superior to other traffic schools they had attended.


Defensive Driving and Crash Avoidance Techniques Class for Serious Violations 2-A (Serious/Intensive Class)

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Class 2A is our serious violations class and is geared toward violations that are more severe, including but not limited to, 35 over the speed limit, DWI, and the Move Over Law. Students who attend this class will receive two days of instruction. Class 1A is the first class followed by a second session which will cover more information related to safe driving. This course begins with a brief review of the first class followed by discussions related to the consequences of our actions and decisions as drivers.

Some of the subjects covered in this class are:

  • Distracted driving
  • Drinking and Driving
  • Illegal street racing
  • Move Over Law
  • Our Bad Driving Habits

12 Hour Defensive Driving Class 
In Person course
price: $100.00

In Class ONLY payment must be in cash, money order or certified check. No personal checks or credit cards will be accepted.




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